Meet the Heroes


Matthew Ellis

After years of spending nights playing overly loud rock music in dive bars around the Midwest, Matthew decided to trade in his guitar and amp for comics and a microphone. The founder and host of the Heroes By The Pint is a Green Arrow super fan and has vowed not to FAIL THIS PODCAST. This Glassy-Eyed Geek now opts to spend his time immersed in all things nerd-life and craft beer. The only things he loves more than reading a Green Arrow comic while drinking a hazy IPA would be his superhero wife and two superhero (or possibly super villain) daughters.

Favorite Characters: Green Arrow; Hawkeye; Black Widow; Iron Man; Jessica Jones

Favorite Brews: NEIPA; Pale Ales; Sours


Chelsea Caslow

Co-Host of Heroes By The Pint podcast Chelsea is a wild card. She is a single-mom of two amazing super-kids, an Ohio State alumni, a fine artist, coffee lover and an adventure seeker. She can often be seen longboarding to the studio for our casts. She managed a craft brewery for years and is a beer aficionado. Her first crust was Raphael from the Ninja Turtles and from then on it became clear that Chelsea loves a good anti-hero. Whether it be Old Man Logan or Wade Wilson a good bad guy always has her heart. Although she may not be an X-men, she is the X-Force to be reckoned with on the mic. Always down for a good laugh and a cold beer this lover of IPAs and all things comic books has made it clear, it is nerd life or bust for this girl.

Favorite Characters: Deadpool, Wolverine, Red Sonja and Raphael

Favorite Brews: IPA’s - double, American, hazy. Blonde ales and Red ales.

The producer

Caleb Howell

The man behind the curtain, our guiding light, the wheels on the bus, the apple of our eye… The Producer. Caleb is the glue that holds the pod together. He often hears “Hold my beer” and somehow he always has a hand ready. The podcast hinges upon Caleb’s superpower of laser focus and reasonable goal setting. He is a professional photographer with a marketing degree from Wittenberg University and he has a love for craft beer that he developed while working full time at a local brewery.

Favorite Characters: Wolverine, Spider-man, all things Marvel.

Favorite Brews: Any and all tripels and Mother Stewards Witbier,